Low power Tweed Twin in the shop

Today I am working on a Fender 5E8 “Twin.” The one with dual rectifiers. Someone, in the amps long past, had removed the rectifier tubes and replaced them with solid state diodes. There is nothing wrong with doing that in general, but, in this specific case it resulted in power supply voltages that were too high for the typical 500V maximum voltage rating of the power supply capacitors. So, I removed the diode rectifier and put-in two nice NOS rectiifer tubes to¬†restore the amp to its original design. This particular amp chassis was re-housed (in the past) in a Tweed Bassman-like 4×10 cabinet. So, it looks, at first glance like a 4×10 Tweed Bassman, but, it is not!

IMG_1349 IMG_1348

Something old, something new……..

It’s “Fender Tuesday” here at Sunnyside Amps! I’ve got a Deluxe Reverb re-issue and a 1975 Princeton Reverb here in the shop for repairs/mods. They are made so differently.

Check out these two photos of the insides of the 1975 Princeton Reverb and the more recent  Deluxe Reverb re-issue. The Deluxe reverb is the larger of the two.