Helping guitarists find the tone they’ve dreamed of!

Through our expertise in the design and building of tube guitar amps, and our skilled repair of your amplifiers, we help you to achieve the great tone and reliabilty you have wanted!

Our amplifiers are designed to provide years (measured in decades!) of reliable service, are easy (hence inexpensive) to repair, and are built with the finest quality components. But most of all, you’ll get the tones you have wanted for so long!

  • Teflon-insulated wire
  • CTS pots
  • Heyboer and Hammond transformers
  • “Orange drop” PS-series and Mallory 150 coupling capacitors
  • Low-Noise grounding scheme.
  • All coupling caps are installed with correct outer-shield orientation
  • Highest quality power supply filter capacitors
  • Custom-designed and fabricated lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Clear Pine cabinetry with 1″ dovetail joinery