Sunnyside K-Verb 50

50W of beautiful clean tone in a compact grab and go package!
I love the sound of a great Twin reverb, but can’t stand to carry around something so heavy to lift! Plus, they can be harsh at times. So, I designed what is, in many ways, “half” a twin reverb. Solid state rectified, with a lucious reverb circuit, and with additional tone shaping options not available in a Fender. If you like clean and loud with a warm and full tone, then this is your amplifier. This amp has a much sweeter tone than a Twin, and it is fuller and tighter sounding than a Pro Reverb or Super Reverb. With a beautiful clean tone, a great reverb circuit, and lots of headroom. It’s a very versatile amp. With its 50W power stage, compact (but not too small) 1×12 form-factor, and wide array of tone-sculpting options, it achieves a great balance between big BIG sound and portability. And, yes, it takes pedals extremely well. If you like the big clean sound, then you will love this amplifier!
  • 50W 2 6L6 Class AB push-pull output stage
  • Hammond Power supply Transfomer
  • Custom designed aluminum chassis
  • Hammond output transformer
  • Tube reverb with dwell and mix controls
  • Master volume
  • Treble, middle and Bass tone controls
  • Two way mid voicing switch
  • Treble Shift switch (affects treble tone control)
  • Brite switch – Finely tuned to not take your head off! Much more useable than the old Fender Brite switches.
  • Custom Designed 1×12 combo cabinet with semi-open back for portability and deep full tone
  • Dimensions:   width: 20.5″ Height: 20″ (+ handle and feet) , depth: 10.5″
  • Weight: 35.5 Lbs unloaded (without speaker)
  • $2300 + taxes and shipping
  • To order: $1300 deposit (non-refundable)
  • Comes as a 1×12 combo, your choice of most standard tolex colors and grille cloth
  • Speaker choices:
  • Eminence Swamp Thang ( 11.1 Lbs.)
  • Jensen C12K $20 extra, (9.65 Lbs.)
  • Jensen Blackbird, $100 extra, (6.9Lbs.)
  • Weber California, $40 extra, (11 Lbs.)
  • Weber Michigan, $40 extra, (11 Lbs.)
  • Other speakers, call to discuss!