Customer Comments

  • “IT’S ALIVE, IT’S ALIVE!!!! The old Ampeg V-4b works great. Thanks so much!  Rob  B.”
  • “Hey Paul, I just wanted to thank you for doing such an awesome job on the mods, I couldn’t be happier! Also, I did receive the pictures this time. Thank you. Please know that I will let all my friends know about your work and hopefully send some business your way.Take care!  Octavio A.”
  • “Thank you Paul, for making my brown Fender Concert amp sound incredible! Keith Frasier”
  • “I’ve played for decades & prefer old tube amps to play through, lots of amp mechanics but none so careful, thorough and down-to-the-metal qualified as Paul. He does it right, he stands behind it, he’s a good guy.  Also not a bad player himself. (Paul feel free to use my name as you see fit). Steve Peterson”
  • “Wow Paul, the Magnatone is exceptional! Thanks so much for your diligence and attention to detail. I’m not sure another technician could have figured out all the issues and addressed them. I really appreciate the lengths you went to to get it right. It sounds amazing. I wont be having my amps serviced anywhere else. “You da man,”
    Cheers! Dan O.”
  • “I wanted to give a big thanks and kudos to Paul Spitalny owner of for a fast high quality repair on my guytron stage rig tube amp, nice guy, quality work, his amps also sound great, I encourage anyone to seek him out for tube amp work and check out his amps, they rock !” Chris Bentley
  • Hi Paul, Just plugged in the amp a little while ago and it sounds great! Thank you so much. I knew when I found you on-line after searching a bit that you would be the one to restore this amp. I just had it set up with a B&B pre-amp and a Boss DD3 and it sounded incredible.Thanks again for everything.    Matthew
  • Paul,
    Thank you for your expedient and professional service!
    The H&K amplifier sound is fantastic!!
  • Thank you Paul, the amp sounds great!!! I really appreciate your work and the quick turn-around, and have already passed your name around to guitar players I know. See you when the amp gets ‘cranky’! Again, many thanks!! Arno
  • So I’ve had a chance to run it through its paces. The clean channel
    sounds beautiful – reverb is better than it ever was and there’s no
    discernible extraneous noise – sounds great!  M.C.
  • Hi Paul, Well, I finally had an opportunity to delve into the Holland for a while last night, and have some good news – all issues seem to have been resolved, and the amp sounds great! The amp is now quiet, and sounds wonderful.Thanks so much for your persistence in solving the grounding issues with the pots, and my investment in time and money made by sending the amp to you was well-spent.  Keep me up-to-date on more details on the upcoming 22 model (“Versa-Verb 22”?) as soon as they are fleshed out.  It sounds like something that I might definitely have some interest in. Thanks again for your competent and friendly help, and I’m sure we’ll do business again in the future. Best regards, Ray Gibb
  • Hey Paul, 
    So I fired it up 2 weekends ago and was amazed at how different it was – I really had to redial it in to find the right sound.  then last weekend I hooked the attenuator back onto it and WOW – it is great. Beautiful, creamy, growly overdrive.  Thanks – You’re awesome. Mattson C.
  • Hey Paul!
    Thanks for following up. It’s been treating me well. I turned it up and jammed for a couple hours with some friends on Thursday night and Sunday. Clean as a bell and no more unpleasant tones.
    Thanks for your service! Again, it’s been a pleasure being your customer. If I need anything else amp-related I’ll definitely contact you first.    Shanan