About Us

I work with musicians who are trying to get their ultimate great tone. We’ll help get you there through our expert tube amp repair service…and we also design and build our own line of tube guitar amps that we offer up for sale. Hand-built amps of the highest
quality, beautiful tone, and that will last for decades!

Having played guitar for 30+ years, being a master-degreed (MSEE) electrical engineer, since 1987, having designed analog circuity for some 27+ years, and being-on a never-ending pilgrimage to find the best tone, I bring a unique skill-set to the table. I am an electrical engineer, and musician, and offer more than a traditional amplifier “tech.”

Whether in terms of designing and building my own “Sunnyside” line of amplifiers, or in the skilled repair of your finest guitar amplifiers, you can be sure you are coming to the right place here at Sunnyside Amps!

We offer our friendly courteous service to you!