Sunnyside Studio-Verb 22

The slightly-smaller tough little brother of the K-Verb 50 and K-Verb 40, this beauty hits the sweet spot for studio work as well as live gigs. From the same tonal family as the K-verbs, it has 22W of sweet tube power, a slightly smaller cab than its bigger brothers, but, this little beast cranks out some wonderful tones!

  • Custom Heyboer Power Supply
  • Custom Heyboer Output transformer*   (Mercury Magnetics OT optional )
  • 22W
  • Beautiful, clean tone
  • Spring Reverb, with dwell and mix controls
  • Extensive tonal shaping abilities:
  • Treble, Mids, Bass, Brite switch, Mids voicing switch
  • Master volume
  • 4/8 ohm output impedance switch
  • 1×12 combo or Head
  • $2,250 Combo
  • $2150 Head
  • Dimensions: Combo cab: 10.5″ deep, 20.5″ wide, 18.06″ tall (not including rubber feet)
  • Comes with Jensen C12K or Jensen Electric Lightning speaker (other speakers are possible too, Amp price depends on speaker choice)