Valco 510-11 in the shop

A neat little Valco, single output tube, tube rectified, one preamp tube..this thing screams when you crank it up. It needs a bias adjustment (it is running too hot as a result of todays higher wall voltages), and the owner wants an extension speaker jack..Since the amp has three input jacks we decided to convert one input jack to an ext. speaker output jack so that we could avoid drilling any holes into the vintage chassis!

Pictures and (possibly) video to come later….

What a great week we had last week!

Last week I had the great pleasure of providing two K-Verb amplifiers for Steve Kimock to use at his three-night stint with Bill Evans’ “Soulgrass” band at “Jazz Alley” in Seattle.

I love the tone Steve gets, it’s the kind of tone I generally had in mind when I developed these amps.

Steve played beautifully, and it made me very happy to hear such good sounds coming out of these amps that I have labored so long and hard at.

Thank you Steve for your openess to giving these amps a try, and nice to meet you!

** See audio/video page for some nice clips of Steve playing the K-Verbs