1971 Fender Super Reverb in the shop!

A “Silverface” (with a “Blackface” replacement control panel) landed in the shop a couple of days ago. Well actually, we had to haul it up the steps, and down the steps into the shop! be tha tas it may, the amp shad some serious hum in the reverb and some microphonic behavior during the first two minutes of operation, after which it quieted down. But the amp seemed to lack clarity and clean headroom.

Well now, after some work, this beast is loud and clear, no more reverb hum, and no more microphonic behavior. Unfortunately, the weight of the amp is the same !  😉

This amp is owned by a Mr. CD Woodbury.


Blackface Super Reverb in the Shop !

Fender Super Reverb, Blackface era….who couldn’t love an amp like this?  !!

This one has gone its entire life (so far) without any of the electrolytic capacitors having been replaced. The end result is lots of hum and the amp is lacking some kick.

Look at the power supply caps (see photo below) you can see that one capacitor (farthest left) has oozed-out some electrolyte, and another cap (2nd from right) has a “pimple” that is about to pop and do the same thing – oooze out electrolyte.

This amp is going to sound so much (SO MUCH) better once the power supply is working properly! Can’t wait to here it then!