Silvertone in the shop !

Into the shop walked a mint Silvertone “1434”. A really cool amp, two channels, two 12″ speakers. Nice! I have not yet seen one in such clean and pristine condition.

The power supply caps were failing. See photo below where if you look carefully you can see a bubble beginning to form (it’s a little dimple) on the end of one of one of the power supply caps. I had a Silvertone in here a few years ago where the had cap failed, shorted the choke to ground, and literally burned-up the choke. So, we’re not going to let that happen! The amps is going to have all new power supply filter caps installed, and I’ll also replace some Sangamo coupling caps that were leaking. All the old Silvertone amps I have ever seen here in the shop have had leaky coupling caps, and that causes all sorts of problems!