1965 Vibrolux Reverb in the shop

A 1965 Vibrolux Reverb: My friend Tim has brought in this fine amp to be worked-on. As far as I can tell it has never been serviced, all the parts inside the amp are original (The tubes might just be original as well)! But the old electrolytic capacitors are failing and need to be replaced. See photos below of the big brown capacitors underneath the amp. Also, all the electrolytic preamp cathode-bypass inside the chassis will be replaced. The real showstopper was that the electrolytic bias capacitor was bad, causing all sorts of hum and mayhem! When I am doing this type of resoration work I also replace the screen grid resistors and the grid stopper resistors on the output tube sockets. Add a properly grounded 3-prong AC power cord and this amp will be brought back to life!  Once it is up and running, I’ll also check some of the plate resistors and pots. Nearly 50 years of deferred maintenance, getting done!

The bottom most (3rd) photo shows that the electrolytic caps are leaking (two of them) and the other two are showing signs of leaks beginning to develop a leak. So, all these caps are bad, not a surprise as they are not meant to last more than 15 years or so. With new power supply caps this great guitar amplifier is going to come to life!